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Photo taken on Tuesday, shows a female staff of South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) operating one of the modern studio equipment in the main studio of the newly built modern television facility.

Chinese built state- of- art television handed over to South Sudan

The government of South Sudan on Tuesday expressed delight and relief after two Chinese companies handed over the completed state-of –the art television facilities, marking the transition from analog to digital television services.

Michael Makuei Lueth, the minister of information, communication, technology and postal services, said the “technical hand over” of the modern television facilities will enable the local staff of the South Sudan broadcasting corporation (SSBC) to be trained in order to take over full management and control of the facilities.

“We will be witnessing real progress in the field of broadcasting, this is where we need to tell the world that with the help of our friends the Chinese, we are now moving forward and we will be in a position to catch up with the world soon. I say this, because up to now the SSBC is only visible in the satellite,” Makuei said during the handover ceremony held in Juba, the capital of South Sudan.

He said the landmark facilities are an epitome of the existing cordial relations between the Chinese government and it’s South Sudan counterpart since independence in 2011.

“This building did not just come anyhow, but this is a confirmation of our cordial and good relations between the government of South Sudan and the people’s republic of China. This is not the first facility or aid that we received from China but the people of South Sudan had ever been beneficiaries of the Chinese government’s aid,” Makuei said.

In November 2014, South Sudan’s ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation sent a note to the Chinese Embassy in South Sudan, requesting assistance in the construction of radio and television facilities.

In July 2017, the Chinese ministry of commerce officially approved the project of radio and television facilities for South Sudan.

China Dalian International Economic and Technological Cooperation Group Co. Ltd and Beijing Yutian Suocheng Technology Co. Ltd are the implementing partners.

The completed facility houses a new TV studio production building with a total construction area of about 2,400 square meters. The studio production building has two floors, including a TV studio, virtual studio, recording studio, master control room, launch room, office room, and related supporting facilities.

China Dalian International Economic and Technological Cooperation Group Co. Ltd and Beijing Yutian Suocheng Technology Co. Ltd will also build a new launch room with a gross floor area of 400 square meters within the Gumbo launch pad site and a launch system will be provided.

 James Magok Chilim Chok, managing director of SSBC, said the modern television facilities will provide smooth transmission of television services to all parts of South Sudan.

Magok appealed to the Chinese government to allow the Chinese technicians and engineers enough time to train and build the capacity of their South Sudanese peers to operate and maintain the television facilities.

 Ma Qiang, Chinese Ambassador to South Sudan, said a total of 726 South Sudanese workers and 127 Chinese workers participated in the construction of the modern television facilities.

 He said the broadcasting and TV industry plays an essential role in modern society, contributes to economic development, cultural prosperity, technical progress, and national happiness.

 “We are willing to share our experience and carry out relevant cooperation with our South Sudanese friends. Although South Sudan has different national conditions and development stages from China, I believe that the development and prosperity of the broadcasting and TV industry are also of great significance to South Sudan,” Ma said.

He added the South Sudanese radio and television channels and signal quality greatly increased and improved following the handover of the project.

“South Sudanese people will experience high-quality radio and TV programs, and enjoy the upgrading of communication technology,” Ma said.

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