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Seek first the kingdom of God

By Anyon Ngoor Gorjok

But seek ye first the kingdom of God,and his righteousness;and all these things shall be added to you .Mathew 6:33
Our kingdom is the kingdom of order ,order is the language and currency at which our kingdom functions appropriately.
In our above scripture,it says Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all this things shall be added to you ;in other words God is saying to us seek first things first and all else shall aline in it’s place . We need to know before anything existed ,there was God almighty .nothing supersedes him . Priority is valuing something to the point of sacrificing to make sure all else comes last and meet the requirements for lasting fulfilment. In this kingdom where we are called to live in and and exercise our dominion ,we only find fulfilment when we abide by the laws of heaven .The second thing he said to seek ,is his righteousness,we need to know righteousness is the setter of the kingdom of God . Righteousness is the absolute nature of God ,we must accept Jesus as lord of our lives and embrace the place of his righteousness,the Bible tells us that Jesus gave us his righteousness when he died on the cross of Calvary,so it’s the high time we follow the righteousness delivered and avoid walking foolishly in sin.
Man kind is the only creature that has the power to choose against his own creator whether knowing or unknowingly that is another case all together,he has privileged him with the most precious gift which is the gift of a will ,the will is either a curse or a blessing to us depending on how we use it always .
All else shall be added to you ,all the cares of this life shall be completely made available unto us if we seek first things first . For example right now ,the first thing you need to succeed in life is life on earth ,life is an asset to do anything on the earth.All else will be avail or aline itself after having an asset called life .Only the dead will understand this point much better ,when you go to the cemeteries today in your neighbourhood;you will observe there is no vision , planning in that dreadful place that we almost avoid everyday from looking at it or even thinking about it .It is a quiet place that makes us afraid always yet that is our destiny whether like it or not ,the only thing you have to do is to make things right with God and your ultimate will be preserved for your benefit .
Therefore ,let’s priorities things that are beneficial to life first and all else shall aline to our tune if we allow first things first .Our welfare and dignity will be fully restored just if we abide by his instructions in the scriptures daily .

Prophetic Confessions
Lord today as I seek you first and your righteousness , everything other thing shall aline it’s self automatically.The septre of you kingdom is righteousness,today I embrace your righteousness.

Prayer of Salvation
Thank you Jesus for the privilege of the sacrifice on the cross of Calvary just to redeem me ,today I acknowledge you as the lord of my life ;I refuse to walk in ignorance today .Am born again in Jesus mighty name, Amen!
If you have prayed this prayer ,we believe you are saved ;now find a Bible believing church and grow your faith in Him
For prayers call ,0989122298 ,0929122298

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