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Balanite tree faces extinction in South Sudan due to forest encroaches

The balanite tree popularly known as Lalob could in the next five years from now be extinct in South Sudan if forest encroaches are not stopped.

The Executive Director for Youth Initiative for Wildlife and Environmental and Community Conservation Program, David Garang Goch on Sunday called on the government to introduce stringent measures to protect forests from encroach.

“I am asking the government to prioritize the protection of forests and protection of wildlife, we need to protect the ecosystem, once the forests are depleted the wild animals of South Sudan will migrate to other countries,” said Goch in an interview with The Juba Echo in Juba.

Goch revealed that the balanite tree produces food, oil, adding that it is also used for treating tropical diseases and as well as a source of strong antibiotic drugs such as penicillin.    

“They said the best tree that makes clean and enough charcoal is lalob, they are cutting it and they are about to finish Lalaob in the forest of Mangalla all the way to Jameza,” he said.                                                      

Goch disclosed that charcoal burners are also cutting down the most valuable acacia gum Arabic tree that is capable of generating revenue in the world market.      

“Now they are creating a desert in the area of Mangala all the way to Jonglei, it is going to be a desert in 5 years from now, these trees are going to get finished if the government ignores policies that protect the environment,” he said.

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