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Beware of handicapped industry at home

By Stephen Dhieu Kuach

The creativity of the Saudi writer Mashal Abu Al-Wada in his article titled “Do we have guests in our house or are they handicapped”?

Please, read, there may be people in your home who are disabled and you don’t know

A scene repeated in every home:
A young man or woman in an old age and healthy life in a relative’s house.

He wakes up in the morning and leaves his bed untidy.. Mom got this .

He changes his clothes and leaves it to wash scattered in any corner or corner.. Mom will be packing, washing, ironing, and putting back in the room.

He is served food ready to eat before or after, he does not bother to wash a cup or a plate.. Mom will take care of everything that is in line.

Going to his school or His university, and he goes back to sleep, or stays up late on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, or watching consecutive episodes of a new series, he skips meals prepared for him, and all he has to do is “take a break” and stretch out his hand to eat, may God reward him well for that, and Jihad returns in front of his phone, iPad or laptop screen.

Sometimes, in his free time, he may be honored to sit with the rest of his family, but he should forget to browse his phone screen in order to remain present and close to his friends with whom he spends all his time, so that he does not miss it. God forbid a comment, a photo, or curiosity in what others are doing.

This friend of ours does not contribute or participate in any responsibility at home, even a little. He leaves the place in a mess and gets upset if he does not like the dinner, and if he sees at home what needs to be repaired or replaced, he passes by the clouds. Of course, the repairs are his father’s responsibility, right? Cleaning and tidying up is only his mother’s responsibility.

The scene is finished.

I thought about what I see around me and I came to one conclusion: I think we have succeeded in creating a retarded generation
Yes, a retarded and superior generation

We now have a generation who mostly acts like a guest in their own home. Doesn’t help, contribute or take responsibility around him from school age to college and even after he gets the job.
He and she live in their parents house as a guest.
They don’t know responsibility other than personal expenses and driving license.
Father and mother remain under the influence of household responsibilities even as they age and become frail.
Parents (don’t want boys to be tired)

Appreciate and take responsibility for the upbringing you cultivate in your children “do not develop in them suddenly” nor even after marriage
Because after marriage they will carry the culture they got from their in-laws to their matrimonial home
And what culture is this
The culture of disability .. The oneness of God
Thus a generation that is never dependent on building a house or family or being responsible for a wife and children
So is this how you or you were established in your parents house
If yes, how are the results of your foundation?

Dear guardian: your son or daughter get back to taking some responsibilities at home

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