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Oyet Nathaniel Pierino,, the First Deputy Speaker of the TNLA and SPLM-IO Deputy Chairman

SPLM-IO parliamentary caucus calls for peaceful means to resolve differences.

The SPLM-IO parliamentary caucus of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly has called for a peaceful approach to resolve the continuous violations of the agreement following the passing of a bill by R.TNLA in the absence of the main opposition SPLM-IO on Tuesday.

The First Deputy Speaker of the TNLA and vice chair of SPLM-IO Nathaniel Pirino Oyet says, the SPLM-IO Parliamentary Caucus denounce on clear terms the continuous violation of the agreements and pressed the principals to the agreement, R-JMEC, IGAD, and the guarantors to intervene and resolve this matter as soon as possible to restore the function and roles of the reconstituted transitional national legislative assembly

Referring to a press conference held on the 13th of June last month, the speaker accused SPLM-IG parliamentary caucus of unilaterally introducing changes to all the amendment bills drafted by the NCAC and others pursuant to the peace agreement.

“The SPLM-IO parliamentary caucus is dismayed by the continuous and unrelenting decision by the speaker and the SPLM-IG parliamentary caucus of the TNLA to pass on 6th July 2022, the wildlife service act 201 (amendment) bill 2022 with alterations, contrary to the agreement”. He laments.

He added that the SPML-IO leadership are seeking for amicable solutions to the deadlock in the TNLA with peace partners particularly the SPLM-IG, and the NCAC.

It is noteworthy that SPLM-IO on 10th June 2022, in its letters addressed to the chairman R-JMEC and copied to the speaker of the TNLA, titled, “alterations to the political parties act 2012 (amendment) bill 2019, highlighted article 1.20. 1 of the agreement which requires the TNLA to adopt the amendments to the political parties act 20/2 (amendment) bill 201 9 and urged the TNLA not to alter any bill drafted pursuant to the agreement.

However, in the ordinary sitting no. 15/2022 of Wednesday 6th July 2022, the TNLA passed the wildlife service act 2011 (amendment) bill 2022 retaining the former SPLA military ranks thereby conflicting the conventional wildlife service ranks introduced in the bill by the NCAC as part of the reforms in the wildlife service. 

SPLM-IO, therefore, claims that this is derailing efforts to transform the wildlife service, the national police service, the national security service, and civil defense service from paramilitary forces to law enforcement services are being lost.

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