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Leadership lessons we can learn from our late brother Late Apostle Luka Ngor

By Anyon N.Gorjok

Brethren ,we are visitors in this world ;we are passing through this life no one can thrive to live and overcome the power of physical death except through rapture if we you live to that time and rapture is conditional to those who have placed their faith in Christ Jesus king of glory.
Apostle Luka Ngor was a man who knew his purpose of why he lived on earth,he was a mighty man of valor ;a visionary man who had a vision to impact lives of his generation and generations to come ,this pushed to served to serve different churches a leader and later became a branch pastor of World Victory church where he served the body of Christ in reverrance of his leaders a head of him ,even when later established his church called Mighty hands of God Assembly at Hai referendum shortly before his death .He had a mindset to teach generations of the world about the saving power of the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ his only life lived once on earth .
A secret he knew was that ,he had one life to live for the glory of our lord Jesus Christ,this is a lession we have to learn as believers,you only have one life to live for the lord Jesus king of glory.
The man of God ,late Luka Ngor knew that for him to make more impact he had to live in love and honour of God and those around him especially those in the body of Christ ;he loved people so dearly ,so friendly to his brothers and sisters in the lord Jesus king of glory ;his respect towards people especially men of God was beyond human comprehension .
The other lesson we can learn from him ,was that he was never tribalistic ,he loved every tribe;he preached to every tribe ,shared all he had with them.
He also a contrite and teachable spirit and i believe that is why he prevailed in every area,he was a captain in the south sudan army but because of his thirst for God ,he accepted the call of God and served dillegently by equipping himself with knowledge of God’s word ,hunger for knowledge and more of God led him to do certificate, diploma and degree in Biblical studies,we were supposed to do our graduation this June together in Kenya , he told me ‘man of God let’s prepare and consider doing the graduation in Kenya and dropped me with his motorcycle along Seven days roundabout and told me am doing going to my family.
He was a family man, Apostle luka oved his family to the brim ‘he told me after he dropped along Seven days roundabout that man of God,am going to relocate my family from the previous house to another house and rent this other house for family sustainability.He knew he had to prioritize his family above his call for God’s service,for he knew that is highest service was his family and then that God .
As believers let’s know that to live for Christ or die for Christ is all the goal of life .Our brother lived as though it was his last time ,his hunger for prayer and intercession made him move in the night to fellowship with his brethren and later succumbed to shootings of criminals who took his motorcycle and left him half dead and finally died at the hospital due to lack of response by the medical doctors. We give glory to God for the live on purpose,dieing in the mission of God is the most honourable death .
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