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Don takes swipe at South Sudan government over low wages

From Left to right- Raad, World Bank Country Manager, Hothmai, Labor Minister and Vice Chancellor Prof John Akec

By Simon Deng

The government of South Sudan has been slammed by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Juba, Prof. John Akec for maintaining very low wages in the civil service.

 Speaking at an event organised at the university by the World Bank to report on the economic recovery in South Sudan, Akec noted the need to generate sufficient quality jobs for the country’s expanding labor forces.

“There is a problem with the public sector, and that has to do with wages,” Akec said.

“There are issues of unemployment, low wages is an issue, and I think that is a serious challenge.”

Firas Raad, the World Bank Country Manager said there is need for the government to invest in immediate livelihood support, promote recovery of business and foster revival of key markets.

“As the South Sudanese economy recovers and stability takes holds, there is an opportunity now to promote macroeconomic conditions that create better job opportunities for the poor,” Raad said.

“Economies that generate jobs, particularly for the youth are generally more stable and can elevate public confidence in the government’s capacity to deliver.”  

 James Hothmai, the National Minister of Labor said the government is working on skills development, adding that agricultural value chains could provide productive jobs to South Sudanese.

“Supporting the emergence of a formal, high productivity private sector will be critical for jobs in South Sudan,” Hothmai said.

“With greater stability and effective policies, agricultural sector value chains could provide many productive jobs.”

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