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UJOSS urges government to support radio development

The Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) on Tuesday urged the transitional government to reduce taxes on equipment for radio broadcast and setting up radio stations.

“UJOSS urges South Sudan’s government to reduce taxes on equipment for radio broadcast and setting up radio stations, Ujoss acknowledges the significant role radio continue to play in dissemination and promotion of peace,” Patrick Charles Oyet, the President of UJOSS said a statement issued during celebration to mark World Radio Day in Juba.

Oyet urged partners to continue supporting radio stations while also respecting the need for their independence.

 He said that UJOSS remains committed to continue building the capacity of journalists working in radio stations across the country.

 World Radio Day is celebrated annually on February 13. This year’s theme was celebrated under the theme, “Radio: A Century informing, entertaining and educating”.

Gerry Allan, the Acting Principal for Media Development Institute (MDI) said that the radio community will play a critical role of informing the public during the anticipated 2024 general election.

Ayaa Irene, the Executive Director for the Association of Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) said that media is the fourth estate of government which is more powerful than the executive, the judiciary and parliament as it informs and entertains society.

Younnes Araya, the Deputy Mission Director for United States Agency for International Development (USAID) said that radio is a critical part of the South Sudanese society, adding that radio is important for building a culture of peace.

“Through radio broadcast, we can address communal conflict and ethnic violence and we can share accurate and reliable information with the communities that are distance apart,” Araya said.

“In a country where approximately 70 percent of the country cannot read and write, the radio is the most effective means of communication, radio is important for mutual understanding, dispel rumors and process culture of peace,” he added.

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