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Hamet Deng Williams, The President of South Sudan’s Artist Union

Artists Unions launch new office for artists to come together

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The Artists Unions of South Sudan led by Hamet Deng Williams has announced the launch of a new office for artists to come together and organize their collective interests. The new office, located in Juba, will serve as a hub for all artists in the country, providing resources and assistance with unionization, advocacy, and education. The office will also host a variety of events, such as workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities that will enable the artist community to strengthen their voice and increase their visibility in the South Sudanese art world.

The Artists Unions of South Sudan is an organization dedicated to improving the working conditions and representation of all artists in the country. The union is committed to ensuring that artists are supported and empowered and their unique artistic contributions are recognized and appreciated. The new office is a major step in this ‘mission and the union hope to build a strong and unified artist community in South Sudan.

” As the Artists Union of South Sudan, we know that peace and unity are essential for the growth and development of our nation. We believe that the creative arts have the power to bring people together, to foster understanding, and to create bridges between different cultures and communities. We are committed to using our collective voice to promote peace and unity in our nation, and to creating a vibrant and inclusive environment for all South Sudanese artists. We recognize that peace and unity are the foundation of any successful society, and are therefore essential for our nation to move forward. We are ready to work together to ensure that South Sudan is a safe and prosperous place for all of its citizens. Together, we can make a difference! #ArtistsUniteForPeaceAndUnity

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