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Juba’s former mayor asks successor to start from where he stopped

By Ruot George

Former Juba Mayor Kalisto Ladu says leadership positions are not about individual holding the position but the implementation of existing policies.

“It’s not about me, it’s about the programs, it’s about the laws whoever come should follow,” Kalisto said.

He warned roadside vendors to avoid erecting illegal structures along the roads in Juba city.

“keep on opening the roads, keep on going out from the roads, and you people with kiosks, you people who are on the roads, you people who are still along the roads thinking that mayor is gone. Go, go please, don’t come along the road, please beautify your place, please plan trees even in your houses”.

Kalisto was sacked on Thursday Nov. 18th, nine months after he was brought into the office as the mayor of JCC through gubernatorial decree in March 2021.He says people must abide by law.

 “South Sudan must be organized whether people like it or not the demolition must continue, roads must be open,” he said.

Kalisto said implementation of the policy, “keep Juba clean and green” started with planting of trees

“I have come to show the people of South Sudan how the leadership should be, making Juba clean and green will continue.

“I was relieved when we started the plantation of trees from the airport and we have also started at the parliament’s roundabout at the Ministry’s road”.     

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