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South Sudanese stakeholders seek to speed up accountability after crisis

By Ruot George

A group of stakeholders in South Sudan have taken up a process to ensure accountability is sped up after crisis in the country.

According to a peace deal reached in 2018, accountability was agreed to between the warring parties as a process that would ensure reconciliation among individuals and communities in South Sudan.

The war which began in 2013 was catalyzed by mass killings, leaving 400,000 people dead.

It also displaced four million others and slashed crude production leading to economic chaos.

the stakeholders, made up of eight civil society organizations, including Foundation for Democracy and Accountable governance – FODAG, Organization for responsive governance – ORG, Assistance Mission for Africa – AMA, Okay Africa Foundation – OAK, and Dialogue and research Initiative – DRI are tasked with monitoring chapter five of that agreement which deals with accountability.

“The aim of this process is to make sure that unity of information is shared among the stakeholders,” Gordon Lam, the Executive Director of Dialogue and Research Initiative told Juba Echo in an interview.

“The objective is to see effective coordination between government stakeholders such as ministry of justice and civil society organizations or human rights actors able to share messages around accountability in our country,” he said.

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