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GBV Court sentence man to 5 years imprisonment over rape

The Gender based Violence (GBV) Court in Juba have sentence a 17-year-old man to 5 years in prison and a 1million south Sudanese pound charge for damages.

The court has passed a verdict in favor of the survivor after one year of court trials and challenges.

The GBV High court judge Andrew Joshua Lado sentenced Chan Mabior Ring to 5 years in prison after being accused of rape in 2022 and has been found guilty.

Medical evidence found the survivor an underage and pregnant. The survivor was tested medically and was found pregnant

Chan Mabior Ring plead guilty according to the section 22, sub-paragraph 2c of the child act 2008 for the child to be protected from sexual act and exploitation and extra.

The man was sentenced to 5 years in prison in addition of 1 million South Sudanese pound fine to compensate the damages and charges used in the treatment.

Meanwhile, the representative of the survivor advocate Josephine David Hakim welcomed the verdict however says the verdict period was less to punish the act.

She called for more speedy court case handing in the court.

The court has urged the two sides to appeal 15 days if not satisfied with the judgement

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