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Aweil residents complain over high prices of beef meat

By Hou Akot Hou

Several residents in Aweil town are unable to afford a kilogram of beef following hike in prices.

One of the residents, Maria Adut said on Wednesday that a kilo of cow as well goat meat that used to be sold at 2500 South Sudanese Pounds is now being sold at more than 3000 SSP.

“The meat without bones was sold at 2500 but now it is 3000 SSP the same goes for cow meat. We ask ourselves what is the problem since these goods are not imported from anywhere,” she told Juba Echo.

“The butchers tell us their own versions that the cows and goats are being exported out of the state to Juba, and that is why they have increased the prices,” Adut added.

Simon Dut Garang, a resident of Aweil suggested the government exempts taxes on trader’s buying cows in large number.

The State Minister of local government, Deng Liai Bak said that prices of beef have skyrocketed because cows and goats are being transported by trucks to other states particularly to Juba.

 Liai expressed fears that some youth may not afford dowry for marriage due to the shortage of cattle and goats in the state.

He added that the ongoing war in Sudan has also impacted prices of goods and commodities after the border shutdown.

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