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HWPL Introduces Peace Culture Establishment Project Contributing to the Development of Soft Power in Thailand


HWPL Introduces Peace Culture Establishment Project Contributing to the Development of Soft Power in Thailand

Re-examining Thai culture and values through international peace law, religious association programs, and peace education programs, and presenting a harmonious and peaceful society

In recent years, Thailand has achieved significant progress in soft power. Known for its unique culture, natural beauty, and delicious cuisine, Thailand attracts millions of tourists every year, while its rich history, diverse arts, and traditional music have a great influence on the world. Despite the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism industry, which is a key driver of soft power, the Thai government is carrying out various projects to promote Thai culture and values abroad, such as the ‘Thailand Cultural Diplomacy Strategy’ and the ‘Creative Economy Master Plan’, in order to enhance global influence.

On February 18, 23, and 25, a three-day explanatory session for the international peace organization Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) was held in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pattani, Thailand. At this event, three peace culture establishment projects of HWPL, which will play an important role in developing Thailand’s soft power, were introduced.

HWPL stated that “the three peace culture establishment projects – ‘Law for Peace, Alliance of Religions, and Peace Education Programs’ – will deeply reflect Thailand’s religious and cultural values, especially its inclusive and tolerant attitude towards diversity, to create a harmonious and peaceful society, and that this will serve as a foundation for the development of Thailand’s soft power. They emphasized that these projects will play a crucial role in re-examining and enhancing Thailand’s peaceful values and will contribute to the development of its soft power.”

The ‘Law for Peace project aims to establish a legal system to ensure sustainable peace, the Alliance of Religions Programs encourage religious people with diverse backgrounds to work together to resolve conflicts between different cultures and races and promote peaceful coexistence, and the Peace Education Programs are educational programs designed to foster a culture of peace. The program provides various peace education to young people with the purpose of creating a peaceful world.

Patitta Tachavorawat, Class President of Scout Messengers of Peace #1 Thailand, said, “I believe it’s important to introduce our organization, aims, and alliances, and showcase the greatness of the past WARP event, including the power of volunteers and all those involved in the peace-loving family around the world. Our goal is to raise awareness for the “Peace Starts with Me” movement, where everyone is responsible for creating a better and happier world. Despite Thailand never experiencing a domestic war, we can still set an example for others to follow. Recognizing that suffering and unrest exist throughout the world, our loving, giving, contributing, and smiling nature will make a difference if we work together.”

Mooneerah Posae, Freelance Researcher, said, “It’s a very good start to create a network of government agencies and organizations, civil society, NGO and introduce the project to those who play a role in the peacebuilding movement. It’s important to listen to their suggestions and feedback to further diversion. In the future, we should plan more visits to gather valuable insights.”

Since 2015, HWPL has been implementing various projects to promote world peace. This year, in particular, HWPL is actively in projects for the establishment of a culture of peace in Thailand. To expand these efforts, HWPL is planning to make a pledge to further advance peace in Thailand with leaders in politics, education, and civil society.

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