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CEPO welcomes Cabinet Affairs decision regarding requesting electoral assistance from UN

The Executive Director for Community Empowerment, Progress Organization (CEPO) welcomes letter of Ministry of Cabinet Affairs to United Nations by requesting electoral assistance from UN.

Edmond Yakani, said that there’s a concern towards the elections and will Preparation towards elections because some of that tasks or actions that are supposed to be delivered to lay down a foundation for proper electoral process, estate delete. And among these key tasks are one, the reconstitution of the political related institution, namely, the political parties cancel the Electoral commission. The national constitutional review commission, the formation of the Constitution drafting committee.

“These institutions are very important to come for existence before we could roll out, any actions towards elections. As we are aware, that Constitution is a precondition for elections. Conduct of population, census is preconditions for electrons. So, our appeal is that the parties and the government in the presidency, should urgently Act only reconstitution of the political party’s cancelled to help political parties to register to gain legitimacy. And that means also, the government need to speed up the enactment of the amendment on the political parties Act. Reconstitution of the national election commission is very important so that we can all out early, civic education, and electron action preparation. And that means the national election. No need to be also enacted the Amendments and the reconstitution of the national concern. If you commission, which is very important because Constitution is a precondition for the context of Elections and that means for vision of the Constitution drafting committee is essential. So, I like to give opportunity to appeal to the government and to the presidency that some actions need to undertake an arc gently with in the month of January and February,”.

He added that “when we roll out the roadmap extended period of 24 months, at least we ensure that institutional setup and the legal framework for the Ethical transitional activities, are we really in place, and they put in an action before, we all are otherwise anything day for reconstitution of the national election commission, political parties cancel, and the national Constitution review. Commission may have direct impact on the timeline allocated for the conduct of election by December 2024,”

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