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New classroom block built by Turkish people excites children in Kapuri

The newly built classroom at Kapuri nursery and primary school by the Turkish Embassy and Turkish business community has excited and at the same relieved some 70 pupils who had been studying for the past three years under tree shades.

Erdem Mutaf, Turkish Ambassador to South Sudan On Tuesday while handing over the classroom block to the Central Equatoria State Ministry of Education, hailed Hatay Holding Ltd the Turkish firm that built the classroom block.

“Before we constructed this building the nursery section were just in a very small building, and others pupils were studying under trees, now we have this building that can take about 70 pupils,” said Mutaf.

He said the Turkish Embassy prioritizes education, humanitarian assistance and capacity building for South Sudanese.

“We are working with private and public institutions in South Sudan, we are supporting Kapuri nursery and primary, and Nile model school,” revealed Mutaf.

The Turkish government has also been providing scholarships to South Sudanese for the last 11 years.

“We will continue giving our support in different fields, education sector is the most important sector and future of this country, we try our best to support education sector in this country,” he added.

Cirisio Zachariah Lodu, Central Equatoria State Minister of General Education and Instruction, said Turkiye has played a very great role in the education sector in the country.

“These children are the future leaders of this country; we are very happy and appreciate the Turkish government for their support to the education sector,” said Lodu.

“The building we had before took only 20 learners but now with the new building given to us by the Turkish, it’s going to take 70 children and it’s a big help to our country especially in the education sector,” he added.

Lodu called for more support from well-wishers to help schools that lack permanent learning centers and school learning materials.

“We are encouraging anybody who is willing to support us in the education sector, for you to help the country you are supposed to give your support to education and health, these are the main areas that benefit everybody and last for long,” he said.

Madam Sabia Yeno Benjamin, Head Teacher of Nursery section of Kapuri Nursery and Primary School said she has been teaching these children under trees for the last 3 years.

“I have been teaching these children under the tree, and another small room which is almost collapsing , The condition of these children before the support from the Turkish business community  and Turkish Embassy  was so miserable , during rain  hours the children would run to primary section to take shelter there,” said Benjamin.

Cafer T. Beşli, Coordinator for the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) said that when he first visited the school he witnessed first-hand the immense suffering of the pupils which compelled him to mobilize his colleagues to assist.

 He said they managed to renovate the school and also installed water system and solar panel.

“TİKA attaches great importance to education in South Sudan, and the project at Kapuri is one of the many projects of this kind,” he said.

Beşli disclosed that TİKA provided 90 desks and created a playground and volleyball court for Kapuri Nursery and Primary school.

In addition, the water well on the campus was moved outside and a drinking fountain was opened outside the campus.

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