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Marjan Schippers the Ambassador of Netherland of Kingdom in Juba (Photo; John Agok)

Netherland Advises South Sudan To Spread Democracy Up To Villages 

By John Agok

The Dutch Ambassador to South Sudan Marjan Schippers has tasked the government of South Sudan to extend democratic practices to grass-root levels.

Speaking on Thursday during the commemoration of international democracy day in South Sudan dedicated to media freedom, peace and development, the emissary signposted that, the day signifies a critical role of government and civil society in democracy.   

“This day signifies the critical role of government and Civil Society Collaboration towards advancing a democratic Society,” the ambassador noted.

Marjan welcomed this event which she referred to as important by highlighting its significance to South Sudan.

“I welcome you all to this important day where we praise the values of democracy as a way of encouraging stakeholders to participate in important discussions which can positively impact the lives of South Sudanese,” she continued.

She urged the government of South Sudan to use international democracy day to reflect on its democratic progress, challenges and provide avenues to discuss opportunities towards strengthening democratic practices all over the country.

“There is a great need from the government to encompass democracy to the grass root level and this can be achieved by enabling discussions and avenues for collaboration amongst government, civil society, human rights defenders and international partners,” she added.

She added that a thriving democracy depends on an open and vibrant civic space in which people can advocate for their rights and hold government accountable, she therefore stimulated the government to double its effort in amalgamating democratic practices.

“Democracy is possible if rule of law, freedom of expressions and that of the press are upheld as tools for promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms to safeguard democratic principles through concerted participation of all members of the society,” she ended.

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