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Lobong calls for political tolerance ahead of 2023 poll
Eastern Equatoria State Governor and Interim Chairperson for SPLM Louis Lobong Lojore. [Photo: Oloya James Taban/VOEES 97.5 FM]

Lobong calls for political tolerance ahead of 2023 poll

The Eastern Equatoria State Governor Louis Lobong Lojore has called on members of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) to embrace the spirit of tolerance ahead of the 2023 anticipated election. 

Lobong who is also the SPLM chairman in the state urged party members to work hard and conjoin with the other political parties for the realization of durable peace.

He said SPLM has done so much which can never be erased from the history of South Sudan. The governor called on party members to work hard and sell the rightful image and name of the party.

Lobong said members of the party should be ambassadors who broadcast the deeds of the party from the war of liberation struggle to date.

“And again, I would like to tell you, as usual, let us work very hard to sell the name of our party and to keep the good name of the SPLM. Let us also tell the people the deeds of the government of SPLM from the time of the struggle to date. There are some people who are easily forgetful, we must remember them and we must also work hard as I always say to improve our living conditions and the economy of our country, we must begin from our own houses”, Governor Lobong told SPLM members on Tuesday.

On the same note, the governor echoed the need for the SPLM members under his jurisdiction to be self-reliant and not depend on external support. He added that the party members must be exemplary in doing beneficial activities.

The government official stated that he would not be happy to see his party members sitting beneath trees playing dominoes and doing nonproductive activities for twenty-four hours, explaining that SPLM is a party of hardworking people as evidenced in the past and recent decades.

“You must also work to improve your homes, it should start with your own homes, your homes should not be in hunger, work hard, embrace agriculture and engage in activities that can render your household free from hunger. You must be self-reliant, do not depend on anything, work for yourself and we must be exemplary to the rest, if we tell people to cultivate, it should be seen from us, let us do business,” he said.

“I would not be happy to see the members of SPLM sitting under the tree for 24 hours playing dominoes and others doing nonproductive activities, this is not the spirit of the SPLM. We need hardworking people since the party is for hard workers,” Lobong added.

The governor implored the members of the party to tolerate and work in cooperation with opposition parties for the realization of everlasting peace in the state and country at large.

“We must work with other parties, we must have relations good relations with other parties, this country is not ours alone, it needs us all because when it reaches election time, we shall do collation just as the case in Kenya where a ruling president has given a chance for the other party flag bearer to compete with him as a presidential candidate in the elections. That is the kind of relations we need, so I expect us to work with the other political parties,” he added.

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