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Kajo-Keji protests persistent brutal killings
Women in Kajo-Keji hold placards protesting the persistent killings by armed forces in the area

Kajo-Keji protests persistent brutal killings

The Kajo-Keji Community Organization (KCO) has on Wednesday taken to the streets to demonstrate against the frequent killings in the area by some rogue elements of the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) who brutally shot and killed three young men in Kiri Boma on 26 May.

Apart from the brutal killing of the young men, sources say villagers were rounded up, tortured, and had their properties including, phones and household items confiscated. 

Juba Echo was also reliably informed that a number of people were collected and taken for detention at a military facility, among them was a lactating mother who left a month-old baby behind days after her brother was shot and killed. 

A letter written by five community members reveals that before the above heinous incidents on 08.03.2022 some elements of the SSPDF attacked a couple in their house while asleep at night. They reportedly brought the couple out and shot several rounds of ammunition into Phillip Wani Yapete (the husband), killing him instantly as the wife fled. 

“The wife narrowly escaped by running away into the dark night. This happened in Kansuk Boma, Nyepo Payam, after an incident involving illegal tree loggers. These happened against the well-known mandate of the national army, which includes the protection of the territorial integrity of the country, the protection of the civilian population from getting any harm, and the protection of the properties of the land and particularly those of the civilians. 

“As a result of the killings and looting of properties, Kiri Boma and surrounding areas are now deserted and hoofs send a wave of fear to all other parts of the county.  All these brutal and heinous happenings have left the KajoKeji people in great pain, anguish, and anger,” the statement read in part.

The group said “in view of the above mentioned, we the leadership of the KajoKeji people made up of the Kajo Keji Community Organization, members of both the National and State, Assemblies, Youth, and Community elders have resolved to condemn without reservation, the brutal murders of Taka Yika Wani, Justin Lisok Lomuresuk, Saviour Yamba Lomuresuk, and Phillip Wani Yapete.

The community demanded the immediate transfer of Col. John Kamilo Kamilo, the Garrison Commander, his deputy and the head of Military intelligence and Director of National Security Service in Kajo-Keji.

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