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Fear in Kaje-Keji as Ugandans Encroach S. Sudan Territory

By Adia Jildo

Residents of Bamurye Bome of KajoKeji County are living in fear after Ugandan nationals allegedly entered their boma and erected their flag, claiming ownership of the area.

The Paramount Chief of Bamurye who is also the Acting Boma Executive Chief, Gonyi Anthony James, said the Ugandan nationals entered the boma in huge number armed with spears and arrows, and raised the Ugandan flag in Adireye primary school.

This move has created fear among the returnees, according to chief Gonyi.

“The Aringa of Yumbe and part of Moyo are entering deep into my Boma. They have stopped my returnees from settling in their places; they are claiming that land belongs to them,” Gonyi told this outlet.

Gonyi said the incident has threatened the return of the many who were coming back from the refugee camps as the place has become insecure due to reported cases of rape, confiscation of property and fear for loss of lives.

“Now they are entering deep, stopping our returnees from coming back and they are coming with arrows, bows and around 4 homes are having guns,” he said.

He said government forces stationed to protect the territory, have deserted it for Kajo keji center due to lack of services such as water at the border.

“Right now, we are the ones guarding the military forces not the military guarding us. All the soldiers are in the county where people are settled. In case anything happens, we are risk,” he said.

Gonyi said attempts to reach authorities have fallen on deaf ears as no results or actions have been taken.

“I do report all this events to the authorities. We told the youth to be calm and wait from the county, state and national government but what is disturbing us is that there is no any emergency response as per now,” he said.

He called on the government to deploy the forces at the border to protect the area and its citizen.

“We need a quick response for the situation because we are guided by the government before youth acts. We should not be blamed when we take action which will be late. These issues should be put not consideration,” he said.

Attempts to reach the office of the commissioner of Kajo Keji and the governor of central Equatoria State via phone call were futile.

There have been tensions and incidents of violence among residents along the South Sudan border with Uganda.

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