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Activist accuses Ministers, Undersecretaries of mistreating subordinates

The Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) has accused Ministers and Undersecretaries of harassing and mistreating their juniors.

 “The issue that we received from civil servants is that some ministers, undersecretaries and some director generals are fond of harassing, intimidating and sometime reach to the level of unlawful suspension of civil servants,” Edmund Yakani, the Executive Director for CEPO said a statement issued in Juba on Sunday.

Yakani said they have registered several complaints from victims of this harassment.

“They are so many almost in all the ministries, we are urging the ministry of labor and the ministry of public services to constitute joint committee to investigate,” he said.

“If the civil servants find it stressful working with their ministries that means performances may not be to expectation, the ministries of labor and public services have responsibility to protect civil servants in their working environment,” Yakani added.

Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro, the national minister of public services and human resources development said that he was not aware of any complaints by civil servants of harassment by their superiors.

“I do not know what CEPO is talking about, I think CEPO can also contact us when they get such information, and there are certain things that happen that the top leadership may not be aware of. It is necessary that when they get such information they inform the leadership of that institution so that we can now begin to investigate,” Bakasoro said.

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