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A catastrophic year for Sudan-Norwegian Refugee Council

The Norwegian Refugee Council is warning that the war in Sudan could lead to one of the worst famine the world has ever seen.

“One year since the start of the war in Sudan, the civilians here are enduring starvation, mass sexual violence, large-scale ethnic killing, and executions. Millions more are displaced, and yet the world continues to look the other way.” Said the Norwegian Refugee Council’s country director for Sudan, Will Carter.

Violence broke out in Khartoum between Sudan Armed Forces and paramilitary, Rapid Support Forces on 15th. April 2023 and fighting is still ongoing with no solution insight yet.

“Today marks a milestone of shame for the warring parties in Sudan, as much as for the international community that has allowed this catastrophe to worsen. The looming famine should have forced warring parties to allow aid to flow, but the reality on the ground is that aid remains obstructed and global powers remain indifferent.” Added Will Carter.

Every day, more Sudanese people are crossing into other countries fleeing violence at home

The East African Regional body known as Intergovernmental Authority on Development or IGAD says the only way out of the conflict is through a negotiated settlement.

IGAD has appointed a South Sudanese lawyer to head the mediation team for the Sudan process.

There are more than four parallel peace processes for Sudan now.

IGAD is leading one process, the US and Saudi Arabia are heading another one.

There is also a Libyan-Turkish process and an effort led by Egypt and Chad known as “neighbors of Sudan. “

“One year on, we now have the world’s worst displacement risking becoming the world’s largest hunger crisis on our watch, with paltry levels of funding for the humanitarian response. We need world leaders to step in and provide essential funding to save the lives of millions from imminent famine and ongoing bombardment. We need all the diplomatic influence possible on the warring parties to avert further catastrophe and protect civilians.” Said Will Carter.

IGAD, African Union and the United Nations Mission in South Sudan are calling on members of the international community to harmonize the peace processes to speak with one voice in order to get durable peace for Sudan

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