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Trinity Energy Launches Sensitization Campaign for Wau Power Project

Trinity Energy company announces the launch of a sensitisation campaign for the Wau Power Project, marking a significant step forward in the rehabilitation and enhancement of this vital infrastructure. Located in Wau, Western Bahr el Gazhal State, the Wau Power Station represents a substantial investment in South Sudan’s power infrastructure, poised to bring about a transformative impact on both social and economic fronts.

The Wau Power Station project holds immense promise for the region, with households currently burdened by high costs of approximately USD 50 cents per kilowatt hour from small standalone generators. With the project’s implementation, these costs are anticipated to significantly decrease, alleviating financial strain on households and businesses in Wau. Moreover, the project’s launch is expected to rejuvenate Wau City, restoring its proud legacy as an industrial center.

Dr Philip Waden, the Power Project Manager said, “The launch of the sensitisation campaign for the Wau Power Project represents a crucial milestone for Trinity Energy and underscores our commitment to driving positive change in South Sudan. By reducing energy costs and connecting Wau City to the grid, we are not only enhancing the quality of life for residents but also unlocking vast opportunities for economic growth and development in the region.”

Trinity Energy’s sensitisation campaign will encompass a comprehensive media outreach initiative, along with engagement efforts targeting community leaders such as area chiefs and government officials. As part of the campaign, Trinity Energy has organized a friendly football match between the Trinity team and the local Salaam Team, fostering community spirit and mutual trust.

The launch of the sensitisation campaign for the Wau Power Project underscores Trinity Energy’s dedication to empowering communities and fostering sustainable development in South Sudan. Through collaborative efforts and strategic investments, Trinity Energy is poised to drive meaningful change and catalyze economic growth for the benefit of all stakeholders.

About Trinity Energy Limited

Trinity Energy is South Sudan’s largest privately-owned independent energy company, providing its customers across Africa with reliable access to high-quality fuel products since 2012. The company holds a global footprint to structure bespoke solutions for customers with offices in South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the United Arab Emirates, ensuring our clients enjoy versatile service, quality products, and a secure supply of vital fuel products.

Trinity Energy commits to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Our core values of accountability, transparency and ethical conduct direct our corporate processes and vision. Through these values and our commitment to furthering Sustainable Development Goals, we meaningfully contribute to a sustainable future in the markets we operate in.

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