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Ayual, Dachuek communities reconcile through blood compensation

The communities of Ayual and Dachuek of Twic East County in Jonglei state have resolved their conflict after undertaking blood compensation ceremony.

Bol Manyok Duot, the head chief of Nyuak Payam in Twic East County said that the two communities started the blood compensation ceremony in October 2023 to end fighting caused by land dispute since 2010.

 “The problem has been resolved through blood compensation, we need to lead our communities well, forget the past and open a new page to live in harmony, Ayual and Dachuek communities need to live peacefully,” Duot told Juba Echo in an interview on Sunday.

“Fighting is not beneficial, it is destructive, people have to work together and move forward with development, the 14 years old conflict was damaging, there was no peace and love among people,” he added.

In October 2022, the Jonglei high court judge John Yel Aleu ordered the two communities to undertake the process of blood compensation to end their conflict.

Dau Reec Deng, the executive chief of Dachuek community applauded the blood compensation as a signal of peace, adding that the two communities are now ready to bury their differences and live in peace.

Atem Chol Deng, information secretary for Ayual community youth association in Juba expressed optimism on the concluded blood compensation, saying it will help heal the wounds of families affected by the conflict between the two communities.

“We thank the Almighty God for restoring peace between Ayual and Dachuek communities after 14 years of conflict, the blood compensation is remarkable as it raises hope for peace, love and humanity,” Deng said.

The mediation committee for the blood compensation which concluded last week was chaired by head chief Aweng Deng Chol and his deputy chief Thon Diing Duot.

Over 1600 cows were exchanged for blood compensation by the two communities.

“Ayual community has fully paid 726 cows as blood compensation for those killed and wounded on the side of Dachuek community, while Dachuek on the other hand paid 890 cows as blood compensation of people killed and wounded on the side of Ayual,” said a statement addressed to the Jonglei state high court.

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