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CEPO welcomes the positive response of President Salva Kiir on advocacy to proactively act on the deadly

CEPO welcomes the positive response of H.E. President Salva Kiir on our advocacy to proactively act on the deadly developing situation between Twic Mayaradit and Abyei Ngok Dinka.

This recent deadly scale up of the armed violence between Twic Mayaradit and Ngok Dinka is disturbing and leading to actual commitment of crime against humanity or genocide.

The President should take serious steps for disciplining the perpetrators of this deadly violence.

Mr Edmund Yakani, the Executive Director of CEPO says the deadly violence between Twic Mayaradit and Ngok Dinka is absolutely politically motivated by political elites of both conflicting communities in the country and diaspora.

The trend of executing target killing of political leaders is totally unacceptable and it is a motivation for facilitating genocide or crime against humanity.

The President this time around should really take serious decisions against those political elites that fueled the deadly violence among the two conflicting communities.

Among the key decisions that president should undertake is legal steps against those identified political and other elites that are evidently involved in fueling the deadly violence; creation of restrictions for movement of armed youth and their relevant allies around areas of the contested villages; immediate implementation of the resolutions of the Council of states on the conflict headed by Hon. Angelo Bada; empowerment of communities structures such as civil society, traditional leaders, faith based leaders, youth and women of both conflicting communities to reconcile and promote peaceful co-existence among the communities among others.

Mr Yakani also stresses that the President should avoid the previous approach of being soft and assigning committees for handling deadly communal violence.

Finally, CEPO hopes that president call for the political leadership of Warrap State and Abyei Administrative Area will reveal genuine concrete and action-oriented resolutions.

CEPO will be commissioned stakeholders peace intervention within the month and we call for political support from the president’s office.

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