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Humanitarian worker fined 11 million SSP for cyber crime

A humanitarian aid worker has been fined by a local court in Bentiu 11 million South Sudanese Pounds for cybercrime, after he criticized on his Facebook page resolutions on blood compensation agreed upon by elders of his community in Unity state.

Daniel Wal Tuol, a staff of Danish Refugee Council was arrested last week and later on appeared on Monday, before a local court presided by Chief Manyang Ter.

The accused was found guilty of defaming his community of Norbor payam community after he posted resolutions of a meeting on blood compensation on his Facebook page.

 Wal was also sentenced to serve six months in prison by the local chief.

“My charge was meaningless because I was charged without facing the person who accused me for defamation, the local court in Koch town charged me with 11 million SSP and six months in prison, I am even surprised because I was alone in the local court without my accuser,” Wal told Juba Echo in Koch town.

He lamented the double standards demonstrated by the local court, adding that he had earlier on been absolved of any wrong by humanitarian laws but only to later on be arrested on orders of the Commissioner of Koch County.

“There is no reason to charge me in absence of my accuser, what happened the commissioner ordered the local court to fine me with 11 million SSP and six months in prison, they do not want me to face the person who accused me for defamation,” Wal said.

 Chief Manyang Ter admitted that Daniel Wal Tuol Teny was charged by the local court in absence of his accuser, adding that the court charged him for posting on social media resolutions on blood compensation agreed upon by the community elders.

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