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Adil accused of Sabotage

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By Adia Jildo

The Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement, Central Equatoria State Moro Isaac Jenesio has called out the Governor of Central Equatoria state Emmanuel Adil Anthony for interrupting his work by using other officials to do his duty, report directly to him (Governor) an act he termed as a violation against the local government act 2009.

Moro was summoned by the state Revitalized transitional Assembly (SRTLA) to respond to issue of insecurity, lack of service delivery in the and no- presence of government in Tijor Payam Wednesday.

He blamed the central Equatoria Government for taking over his job as some elements closed to the government have been assigned to do the work of disarmament and also carry out administrative issues in the Payam.

“Where the ministry of local government is required the governor assigns the role to the Director General for the ministry by passing the minister of local government,” he said. “The law enforcement role has been assigned to and performed by some state advisors to the Governor, newly appointed county security coordinators, some minister who are close to the governor.”

“Local government administrative officers are deployed or recalled through the office of the governor contrary to the local government act 2009,” he claimed citing the issue has greatly undermined the powers of the ministry and crippled the activities.

He said despite several complain to the governor and other ministries; the case has fallen on deaf eyes.

He called on the government to respect the roles and the mandate of the local for accountability purposes and implementation of the R-ARCSS 2018.

“ The state leadership should respect the provision of the R-ARCSS 2018 and its spirit of collegiality and consensus to avoid division of our communities but ensure unity of our people,” he said.

The chairperson for SSNM in a leaders accused the government of Central Equatoria state for the mistreatment of the minister of local government and law enforcement through the challenges he got  through framed charges against him and a threat to remove him from his position.

“We are concerned and feel that this persistent determination to undermine opposition leaders is completely against the spirit of the agreement that requires friendly working relationship among the peace parties,” he echoed.

She called on the of SSOA to intervene and resolve the issues at hand and respect the R-ARCSS.

Central Equatoria SPLM secretariat responded to the letter of the chairperson of the SSOA Josephine Lagu Yanga refuted the claims adding that they are committed to the implementation of the R-ARCSS.

“SPLM secretariat of CES would like to advise the SSNMC leadership to adhere to the requirement s of the R-ARCSS and to seek guidance outside social  network  negative campaigns and smearing the image of the CES  government by its key officials and supposedly responsible for the conduct of business,”

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