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National Election Commission is not going to conduct a democratic election

By Adia Jildo

The National Election commissioner (NEC) Yoannes Amum Nyiker has said the upcoming 2024 election could be a problem-solving election as the country will for the first time cast votes and makeshift from the current transitional period.

Amum was speaking during the signing of the European Union- United Nation Development Program (UNDP) project to support the smooth flow of the 2024 election.

“We are not going to conduct a democratic election but a conflict resolution election”

He said peace building; unity are the most important and critical areas for a fair and democratic election in the 12-year-old nation.

A road map which was drafted and agreed to by the parties cited that 2 years of extensions would finish the remaining provisions of the 2018 peace agreement which were not implemented.

Amum said the 17 months of the extended period is still lacking and is faced with numerous challenges like the legal framework, supreme law, electoral laws which poses significant threat to the 2024 election.

“We hope in the coming months we will have prepared for it to take place in 2024,” he said. “We are ready but political will is paramount.”

The government says resources are scarce; population censors have not been carried out to help know the number of those who would be participating in the voting process.

“Time is against us. We hope in the next coming months, we will have prepared for elections for 2024,” he said.

Yoannes urged partners such as the UN agencies to encourage parties to the  peace agreement to  fast track the agreement citing there is lack of political will

Timo Olkkonen

Said the amendment bill, election bills are all in parliament

“South Sudan needs to move forward, out of the transition. It needs to move forward on the road to democratization,” he said.

Timo cited the provision of the roadmap for a conducive environment that supports election, calling on the government to greet it.

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