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 Network to mitigate tribal conflicts launched

South Sudanese have launched a network to help resolve and mitigate long-standing tribal conflicts that have caused loss of lives and destruction of properties since independence of the country in 2011.

“We have identified that the problem that affects us mostly is tribalism, the main objective is to ensure peace and stability among our communities. We should accept diversity, we want people to be in unity,” Mat Michael, the Chairman for National Network Against Tribalism said during the launch at Central Equatoria Women Union on Friday.

 Suzan Jackson, one of the founders of the national network against tribalism, said that the social fabric needs to be mended after years of violence.

 “We are losing our identity as South Sudanese; we are South Sudanese not by our tribes, not by our states, not by our administrative areas. We need to continue to unite ourselves as youth,” Jackson said.

Margret Akole Sokiri, the secretary for national network against tribalism, said that South Sudan need peace across the country, adding that tribalism and sectarianism are some of the problems dividing the population.

“Tribalism has been a big problem in South Sudan, it has divided us and we are now facing difficulties, when we come together we shall move together, we should not stick to tribal values,” Sokiri said.

“If we leave behind tribalism there will be no war in South Sudan, we are tired of war, it is our duty to make our children understand that we are South Sudanese,” she added.

Suzy Anthony, the information secretary for national network against tribalism, said that tribalism has caused internal displacement of people and also forced other South Sudanese to flee the country.

 “The problem of tribalism has created disunity among people, we have destroyed South Sudan because of tribalism, and we have refugees and IDPs because of tribalism. We need to work to root out tribalism,” Anthony said.

The launching event was attended by the Bapoiny Monytuil Wejang, the deputy speaker for the council of states.

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