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Awan-Muorkua cultural Group perform a dance on Saturday at the premises of Private Eye Security services

Cultural dance gala inspires South Sudanese people to retrace cultural roots

By Simon Deng

The sudden rise to prominence of three children from Warrap State after demonstrating excellent knowledge of the Jieng cultural dance has inspired many to retrace their culture.

This came after Akuany Kon Koch, Adeng Mawut Mathiang and Nyibol Manut Atem won education scholarship from Private Eye Security Services after emerging victorious during cultural event organized in March 2023 in Freedom Hall.

“What we did was to have cultural groups that bring Jieng from all corners of the country, we feel proud that we started something and it is taking different shape, people have developed interest in it,” Adhar Bol Awak, member of Jieng Cultural Foundation in an interview on Saturday during another cultural dance event organized by Private Eye Security Services in Juba.

“We encouraged our people to study but they should not forget their culture, we will be able to trade with our culture, we want to preserve and protect our culture. This is our identity as people,” he said.

Sarah Akuot, the Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sport in Ruweng Administrative Area, said that her ministry will work to establish cultural centers in Ruweng.

 “We need to promote our culture and we also need to establish cultural centers to promote and preserve our culutre, we need kids to be recruited into cultural groups,” Akuot said.

Lewis Anei Madut Kuendit, the former governor of Warrap State who also doubles as the chairperson for Tonj community called for public lectures on Jieng culture in order to preserve it from threat of extinction.

“Our culture is under threat because of modernity and civilization, culture is what we should be preaching.  Jieng cultural foundation have to mobilize all people and talk about cultural erosion, evasion and destruction, we need to protect our culture,” Madut said.

The Jieng people are also known as Dinka ethnic group who are the largest ethnicity in South Sudan.

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