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Gen Z Chinese diplomat contributes to welfare of a fledgling nation

By chinadaily

In this video we hear from Ye Shuang, 27, from China, who is a diplomat in South Sudan. South Sudan is the world’s youngest republic, having gained independence in 2011.

Ye Shuang has been stationed in the country since 2020 and from Chinese embassy premises in the capital, Juba, he and several colleagues carry out their duties, one of the main ones being to help the 13 million people of this fledgling nation.

Ye talks of two Chinese peacekeepers, Yang Shupeng, 33, and Li Lei, 22, who died in a shelling attack in Juba in 2016.

“They were my peers. As the memorial ceremony for them was held, the civil war had not run its course.”

China is playing an important role in building infrastructure that is helping the country to find its feet and to grow.

“I am proud to say that the first modern highway, the first international airport and the first air traffic management system in South Sudan were all commissioned to Chinese companies,” Ye said.

Ye, who joined the Communist Party of China in 2022, says he longs for the day when South Sudan will be at peace and gain prosperity.

“As young diplomats, working where there is both conflict and collaboration, we are always keenly aware of our responsibilities, and we let our youth bloom as we go about our work.”

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