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(China issued a Global Security Initiative Concept Paper on Tuesday. Photo: Chen Qingqing/GT)

All countries are welcomed to join Global Security Initiative

By Global Times

China on Tuesday released The Global Security Initiative Concept Paper, which expounds core concepts and principles of the Global Security Initiative (GSI), lays out 20 priorities of cooperation and five platforms and mechanisms of cooperation. It plays an action-oriented guiding role. The release of the concept paper marks an important step for China in putting its previously proposed GSI into practice, demonstrating China’s responsibility for maintaining world peace and its firm determination to safeguard global security. At a historical crossroads, as new cold war clouds are hanging over the world, the concept paper is another major public good offered by China to the world, a Chinese solution to solve the systemic security dilemma, and a new exploration for human society, with crucial historical significance.

The release of the concept paper comes against the backdrop of unprecedented global security challenges, which gives it stronger practical significance. February 24 marks the first anniversary of the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which is the most prominent manifestation of Europe’s security dilemma. Meanwhile, other parts of the world are not peaceful either. Conflicts in old hotspots have not ceased, while new security crises are brewing. If the fuse cannot be dismantled in time, it will lead to more serious consequences. If security dilemmas cannot be resolved, they will lead to war. Humanity has already suffered enough painful lessons in this regard. The GSI was born in response to the challenges of the times.

In 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping initiated a new vision for common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security. The vision stands at the height of a community with a shared future for mankind, surpassing the Western traditional security concept and power politics. On April 21, 2022, Xi proposed the GSI based on the new vision for security at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference, which has received positive responses from the international community. So far, more than 80 countries and regional organizations have expressed their appreciation and support. At the same time, more and more voices are hoping that China’s GSI can be further promoted.

This concept paper further enriches and elaborates on the GSI, with strong practical relevance and operability, aiming to promote a new path of security that emphasizes dialogue instead of confrontation, partnership instead of alliance, and win-win instead of zero-sum. The concept paper meets the universal expectations of the international community, helps the international community to fully understand China’s principles and concepts on global security issues, and guides relevant parties to find effective ways to deal with security disputes and address security dilemmas.

Regardless of their country or cultural background, as long as they do not have bias, prejudice, or narrow-minded personal interests, they can feel China’s sincere attitude toward peace and the enormous value of Eastern wisdom in solving today’s problems in the concept paper.

“China’s development cannot be separated from a stable international environment. Similarly, without China’s security, there will be no global security.” China is the only country in the world that has pledged to “keep to a path of peaceful development” in its Constitution. China’s development miracle over the past few decades has largely benefited from a peaceful environment, and the love of peace is deeply ingrained in Chinese traditional culture. The GSI was not proposed by China by chance.

We have noticed that some Western public opinions hold subconscious biases and misunderstandings toward the concept paper. They either simplify it as China’s response to the West in the Russia-Ukraine issue, or claim that it is “undermining the US’ dominant position.” This is a very narrow and low-level understanding rooted in group political thinking.

What needs to be emphasized is that the propositions including the six commitments proposed in the concept paper start from historical experiences and focus on human beings’ common future, which transcend the boundaries of ideology and apply to societies with different civilizations, races, and political systems, and has true universality. China has repeatedly called on the world to join hands. There is nothing exclusive, and it definitely includes the US and Western countries.

Security is a common concern for all mankind, and great powers should set an example. Currently, there is too much hype about “threats” in the world, and too little discussion of the paths to achieve peace. What people see in reality is the acceleration of actions that create panic and division under the banner of “peace,” and the tragedy of great power confrontation drawing closer once again.

Foreign policies of certain great powers are the main source of insecurity for the vast majority of the world. Hence, the concept paper proposes that efforts should be made to promote coordination and positive interaction among great powers, and advocates that great powers should take the lead in promoting equality, good faith, cooperation, and the rule of law. This is China’s goodwill and expectation, and we sincerely hope that relevant major countries will meet each other halfway.

As stated in the concept paper, “the issue of security bears on the well-being of people of all countries, the lofty cause of world peace and development, and the future of humanity.” We call on all countries to actively participate in GSI, to adapt to the profound changes in the international landscape with a spirit of unity, and to respond to complex security challenges with a win-win mindset, so that the flame of peace can be passed on from generation to generation and the sound of peace can ring throughout the world!

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