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Unity state holds flood talks with Civil Societies

The unity state governor Joseph Nguen Monytuil Wejang held pre rain return talks about how to mitigate persistent flooding which wreaked havoc in unity state and other parts of South Sudan in the previous rain season with a consortium of civil society groups.

The discussions superintended by the governor ringed about government flood intervention strategies in the upcoming rain season was attended by multifarious groups including union of journalists of South Sudan UJOSS.

“I assure you our President has Okayed clearance of Nam River for which some equipment have already arrived while others which are supposed to come through Mayom has not yet come as the road is still submerged said the governor.  

The governor further tipped the civil society organizations to engage more gear in the elimination of hate speech and tribalism within and outside unity state.

“As we are putting a permanent solution to flooding in our state, let us also implement the 2018 revitalized Peace agreement in letter and spirit by fighting hate speech”, Monytuil appealed.

He pledged that his government will combine effort with the national government in clearing Nam River to allow excess water to flow back into the River.

Our meeting today has ended well but I want to use this opportunity to forgive Radio Miraya journalists Jacob Ruai Malual and Mr. Kalany Bolis Kueth who wrote bad things against me. Let them feel free”, governor forgives.

The news of forgiveness went down well with the secretary general of civil Society Organization Mr. Thijin Yian who openly expressed gratitude to unity state government for pardoning the errant messengers and also for laying down plans to deal with flood in the coming season.

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