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CEPO condemns deadly Twic-Abyei conflict

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) condemned the attack and considers it as clear demonstration of commitment of gross human rights violations as result of long Inter-communal violence between two communities of Dinka from Twic County of Warrap State and Ngok Dinka of Abyei Administrative Area (AAA).

The fighting resumed this week and has killed 13 people and wounding five others according to the United Nations.

Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO says that armed youth from cattle herder across the country are increasing undermining the constitutional function of the government on protection of civilians and application of rule of law. President should take responsibility of ascertaining his constitutional obligation for holding individuals or group of persons that under the constitutional obligation of the government. Growing the civilians’ population across the country are suffering from the actions of the armed youth cattle herders. 

“Indiscipline politicians, military leaders and traditional leaders are increasing engaged in undermining the role of the government on protection of civilians by strengthening and support the role of youth for being armed for waging deadly and inhuman attacks on their fellow civilians’ population. What is happening recently in Gumuruk, Magalla and Rumamer villages is clear demonstration that the state capacity for provision of constitutional obligation for providing protection of civilians is growing getting weaker and weaker. This tells a lot in terms of soon armed youth as a non-armed state actor will take control of the society governance obligation from the government,” Yakani stressed

He added that CEPO is observing a growing trend of state leadership failure in delivering its constitutional obligations on ensuring peace and stability holds in the country.  AS long as the country leadership is not taking pro-active and functional role in punishment its members that are effectively engaged in fueling deadly and inhuman violence the civilians will continue facing gross human rights violations in various form.

He revealed that CEPO will be taking pro-active role in nurturing efforts for seeking solutions for concrete mitigation of the deadly and inhuman violence across the country through our program of Peace House.

 On Tuesday, the United Nations Interim Security Forces for Abyei (UNISFA) peacekeeping force confirmed that at least 13 people were killed and five others wounded in an attack in the Abyei region that’s disputed between South Sudan and Sudan.

The report alleged that the combined armed group of approximately 200 well-armed herders from Nuer youth of Unity State and Twic Dinka launched an early morning attack on the Rumamer village, 15 kilometres south of Abyei Box, killing thirteen persons and injuring five others (all Ngok Dinkas) while some 27 houses in the village were burnt down,” the United Nations Interim Security Forces for Abyei (UNISFA).

Twic, Abyei conflict began on February 10 2022, intensified in early March last year. Abyei, caught between Sudan and fledgling South Sudan, has been a flashpoint between the two countries since the South gained independence in July 2011.

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