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In order to enhance cooperation between Xinhua News Agency Nairobi Bureau (hereinafter referred to as XINHUA) and           , the two parties through friendly negotiations, agreed on the following:

Article 1— XINHUA will provide its English Multi-media Service, English news service,English African photos, English photo news service and Belt & Road Weekly to             through the internet. If stories and photos are published on            ’s newspaper, television or website, it should be indicated clearly that XINHUA is the provider.

           shall not transfer English Multi-media Service, English news service, English African photos, English photo news service and Belt & Road Weekly or disclose the username and password to other individuals, publications, and institutions in any way.  

    Article 2— XINHUA shall provide with username and password to get access to Xinhua News Service.            shall prepare all the equipment needed.  

    Article 3—            will pay Xinhua 1,200 USD per year for the above services and the time for payment shall be discussed by the two parties.  

    Article 4— The agreement becomes effective immediately when it is signed, and it shall be valid for one year. If the two parties have no difference, the agreement will be extended for another one year or more automatically. If one side will terminate the agreement or change articles of the agreement, a 60-day notice is needed before the agreement expires. XINHUA and             look forward to friendly cooperation in solving any problems that may occur in the future.

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