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Minister of Petroleum, Puot Kang Chol during panel discussion at 5th Oil and Power Conference in Juba on Wednesday [Photo by Wani Yusif]

South Sudan Oil Minister Assures Investors Of Conducive Investment

South Sudan’s Minister of Petroleum, Puot Kang Chol on Wednesday called on international companies to invest in the country because it is now peaceful and has a very conducive environment for investment.

“South Sudan is peaceful, is stable, and therefore, the environment is conducive for investment,” Chol told reporters at the 5th Oil and Power Conference in Juba.

The minister added that the fact that  South Sudan is the youngest nation in the whole world, means approximately 90 to 95% of its resources are still virgin making it a gateway to East Africa with an immense investment opportunities.

“Coming to South Sudan to do business is the best choice because here is the right place where you can get your expectation in a very short period of time,” he underscored.

The minister pointed to the oil and mining industries as sure  investment opportunities in South Sudan that capable international companies can tap and inject their resources in it.

“We have opportunities in the oil sector, we have blocks that are available for anybody that is interested and we also have existing blocks for those who want to enhance oil recovery and improve oil recovery,” he said.

Minister Chol urged the business tycoons to urgently utilize business prospects which South Sudan is offering now.

“We have such opportunities and we want investors to take this opportunity because it doesn’t exist elsewhere also in mining, there are such opportunities and also in the energy sector and that is to say in power,” the minister continued.

Several investors failed to tap the immense opportunity that South Sudan offers in the oil and gas sector due to insecurity and political instability which ravaged the country from 2013 until a peace deal which saw peace begin to shine in the globe’s youngest nation  was signed in 2018.

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