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South Sudan Instructs Teaching Sports, Culture In Classroom

Cirisio Zachariah Lado State Minister of Public Education and guidance in Central Equatoria Juba (Filed Photo)

By John Agok

The Central Equatoria State government has directed teachers and inspectors of school to ensure that lessons on sports and cultures are taught in classes as per the Education Curriculum.

The Minister of Public Education and guidance Mr. Cirisio Zacharia instructed  teachers and education officers on Wednesday in Juba to operationalize this plan during his speech at the start of  a  two-day teacher training meant to build their capacity on cultural and sports components of the Country’s education curriculum .

Teachers from three government schools in Central Equatoria State Ministry of Education began the training on Wednesday to enhance their capabilities in teaching culture and sports as part of the Curriculum.

“I ask public school teachers to immediately start giving lessons on sports and cultures to learners as this can enrich our diversity and hype our chances of participating in regional and international competitions,” he said.

Zachariah also revealed that, the South Sudanese values and cultures are recognizable now because of sports and cultures all over the world.

“You can see now South Sudan is on top of Basketball table showcasing our beautiful cultures in regional competition. Last year South Sudan join Exhibition in Tanzania and Dubai”, he added.

Similarly, Joseph Zachariah Wani the Inspector Curriculum for Juba City Council exerted that, the objective of the training is to stimulate minds of children in choosing arts career carefully.

“The main objective of this training is to enable children in schools to choose their arts career wisely and will be rolled out to all public schools,” he revealed.

On the other hand, Lomoro Ilario Lailo the Principal of Teachers Training Center (TTC) acknowwledged the core of imparting knowlege of Sports and Cultures as inculcated in the Curriculum.

“It is imperative to equip our teachers with necessary skills to enable them effectively deliver such materaials of Sports and Cultures, according to Education Curriculum,” he said.

South Sudan is Multi-cultural country with 64 different tribes living in different parts of the land where Wresting and other sports federations regards values and cultures.

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