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Kapoeta North commissioner urges Toposa, Buyato to co-exist
Commissioner of Kapoeta North County, Emmanuel Ephone Lolimo

Kapoeta North commissioner urges Toposa, Buyato to co-exist

The Commissioner of Kapoeta North County in Eastern Equatoria State, Emmanuel Ephone Lolimo, has called on the two communities of Toposa and Buya of BUDI County to restore peace and good relations following frequent cattle raids and theft.

Ephone underscored that relations between the two communities have been strained in recent days and violent cattle raids have claimed many lives and damaged properties.

Communities in Greater Kapoeta are accusing each other of initiating provocative actions.

Ephone said the two communities have been clashing with each and this eroded relations between them.

According to Ephone, about 9 cattle from Lokwamaru Payam have been raided by suspected youth of Buya over the weekend.

“Kapoeta North is generally calm. Two days ago we received a report from the Kraal bordering Napak that nine calves have been stolen, the youth trace and they confirm that these are the bordering Buya youth,” he said.

The commissioner said several peace dialogues have been held to unite cattle keeping communities but that have not yielded fruits.

He accused the youth of Buya of violating the dialogue agreements aimed at creating peaceful co-existence between the two communities.

“Yeah the problem is there have been efforts from the government and partners to make these people co-exist peacefully but on most of the occasions the youth from Buya are the ones violating the peace deal we had,” he said.

“Even last year a peace dialogue was held at Kayi organized by Nyegregoz Consortium together with the Government but during the process, even the youth of Buya went and raided livestock from my county up to now people are not happy why because people are calling for peace and the rest are not ready for peace,” he added.

Meanwhile, Philip Odongi Amaya the police inspector in BUDI County admitted that there is a poor relationship between the two communities of Toposa and Buya.

He said recently three people were shot dead in Ngauro of BUDI County as a result of a cattle raid.

“Yeah we know this issue, around which date like that cattle which were raided from Logir entered and we know that. Not all these are criminals these are cattle raiders, for sure there is no way at all except what happened in Ngauro, I don’t know which date was that Toposa came from there they came and raided cattle from Didinga from Ngauro and killed three people no injuries reported,” he fumed.

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