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Four officials arrested for inciting communal violence
Dr. Dhieu Mathok, Secretary for Aneet Fact-Finding Committee

Four officials arrested for inciting communal violence

Four state government officials have been put under house arrest for inciting communal violence between Twic of Warrap State and Ngok Dinka of disputed Abyei, a senior government official said on Tuesday.

Those under house arrest include, Deng Tong Goc, Commissioner of Twic County and Mayot Kuinit Minister of the physical infrastructure in Abyei Administrative area, Chol Pur Chol, Commissioner of Rumamer County, and Akuei Akoon Wel, commissioner of Alal County of Abyei administrative area.

The Committee Secretary for Aneet Fact-Finding Committee, Dr. Dhieu Mathok said those under detention have been accused of mobilizing youth to resume conflict in the area.

“The committee notices with dismay that state government officials in both Abyei Administrative Area and Twic County of Warrap State are involved in mobilization of youth that led to resumption of conflict instead of implementing CoHA in their capacity as local government,” read part of statement issued by Dr. Mathok on Tuesday.

Dr. Mathok said that detained personnel are temporarily confined in Juba to curb escalation of conflict.

“Because of the above reasons, the committee decided to temporarily confine these leaders in Juba to contain the fighting and rescue the lives and properties of innocent civilians,” the statement read.

Dr. Mathok said those detained will remain in the confinement until the matter is finally resolved.

He further warned that anyone accused of inciting the violence between two communities would be held accountable.

“These leaders will remain in the confinement until the matter is finally resolved and the committee seriously warns that whoever is found to be part of instigation of violence between Twic and Dinka Ngok would be held countable.”

In February this year, President Salva Kiir formed eleven-member committee to investigate Aneet market shooting in Abyei Administrative Area one week after three people were killed and six others injured in a the market.

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