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Kiir directs organized forces to protect civilians
President Salva Kiir

Kiir directs organized forces to protect civilians

As the country marked the 39th anniversary of SPLA Day today, President Salva Kiir has called on the organized forces to protect civilians and their properties against any threats.

“Thirty-nine years ago, the gallant forces of battalion 105 fired the first bullet in Bor, which commenced the Sudanese second civil war. The SPLA day is a landmark event in our history because it reminds our nation of our past struggles. It is also a day that we recall the sacrifices made by our martyrs who lost their lives in our painful journey to our statehood” President Kiir said in a statement on Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) day.

He saluted the ranks and files of the SPLA in all their formations along with their officers who led them gallantly during the war of national liberation.

“We salute our leader, Comrade Dr John Garang de Mabior and all his colleagues whose decisive and determined efforts propelled our struggle to the final conclusion: achievement of our freedom”

“To all organized forces, I congratulate you for your dedication to your duty and call upon you to protect civilians and their properties whenever they are threatened,” he said. 

He said that with the Unified Command Structure in place, a new spirit of togetherness should guide your actions as you work to meet the challenges confronting you.

“Above all, let the sacrifices of our martyrs be your inspiration as you prepare the plans for the graduation of the unified forces and the challenges that come with that” 

He sent his best wishes for the SPLA Day and encourage them to use their past struggle as a guide when dealing with current challenges facing their country. 

The SPLA Day is marked on May 16, every year.

It should be recalled that in 1983 some mutinies broke out in the barracks of the Sudanese army in the southern region, most notably in Bor, and also at Ayod, Pochalla, Wangkai, and Pibor.

The mutinies were commanded by Major Kerubino Kuany and Major William NyuonBany.

On May 16th, 1983, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army was founded, with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement as its political wing.

John Garang de Mabior was made its first chairman and Commander-in-Chief.

Kerbino Kuanyin was appointed the second-ranking Commander, and William Nyuon it’s the third in command.

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