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Community leaders trained on importance of Afforestation

A local youth-led group known as Plant a Tree Organization (PATO) has trained over 10 area chiefs on the importance of planting trees in Jonglei State capital Bor.

 The training aims at sensitizing the communities in Jonglei State through area chiefs about the importance of planting trees and the impacts of climate change resulting from deforestation. The organization provided the participants with 10 mango tree seedlings after the training.

Achol Anyang, the Executive Director of PATO said the organization has trained the 10 area chief on the importance of planting trees and why trees are important to the environment.

“We have trained 10 block leaders on the importance of tree planting and issues to do with deforestation, and we all know that most of our people in the country are cutting down trees and they don’t replace by planting more and this is endangering our lives and the ecological system,” Achol said.   

She urged communities to consider planting trees adding that it is the sole responsibility of every citizen to make South Sudan green.

“Trees play a significant role in cleaning the environment. During photosynthesis, trees take away the unwanted carbon dioxide. In return, they supply the oxygen that is needed for breathing. Trees also help in attracting rains, that’s why you see there is too much rain in places with forests,” she added.

She added that the organization is targeting to plant more than 10,000 trees across South Sudan as part of its contributions to avert the impact of climate change.

Achol called on donors to help the organization meet its dream of planting 10,000 trees in the Jonglei State and South Sudan large amid funding constraints.  

Khor Jo, an area chief for Marol Block appreciated the organization saying that he has learned from the training adding that he will make sure he disseminated the information on the importance of trees to both humans and the environment to communities in his area.

“Trees have a lot of importance to us and we have learned many importance today and I would help spread this message to the residents of my block. Sometimes having a lot of trees around your home beautifies your home and also provides shades for your family and the people around you,” Khor said. 

Khor called on the state government to also enact laws to prevent tree cutting and protect the environment.

“To us, these trees are so important. I would like to urge our government to enact laws to prevent the random cutting down of trees,” he added.

Meanwhile, Phillip Alier Panchol, an area chief for Malou Bloc, said he learned much from the training and will spread the message to the residents of his block.

“We need to work hands in hands as in my area we have lost a lot of trees due to last year’s devastating flooding and with this, we are calling on this organization to provide us with more trees so that we plant more trees to replace those trees we lost during flooding,” Panchol said.

Panchol appreciated PATO for distributing to them trees after the training adding that he will take care of the seedlings given to him by the organization.

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