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Immigration department opens new office in Munuki

The Directorate of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport and Immigration has opened a new branch in Munuki to ease congestion in the headquarters, Lt. Gen. Atem Marol Biar, the Director-General of Civil Registry, Nationality and Passport has said.

“We have already established ICT office in Munuki station because in the headquarter people use to be crowded in one place. We want to minimize that huge number that processes their document in one place,” said Biar.

The new station opened up in Munuki will serve Hai Referendum, Gudele, and Newsite among others.

Biar said the new office in Munuki will assist the directorate in the areas of employment of officers, noting that those officers who do not have deployment will get their deployment.

“We are bringing services closer to the people, it is going to shorten the distance of going to the headquarters, it is going to help people who are going to process all types of IDs and passports and it is also going to give us the courage to open another station,” he said.

Lt. Col James Galuak, the Chief of Munuki station said that the new establishment is geared towards taking services closer to the people, noting that it is a great milestone in terms of service delivery.

 “This is a good work and a great contribution, it is another step taken as a policy of taking services closer to the people,” said Galuak.

Col. Kuch Khor, Director of ICT at the Directorate of Civil Registry, Nationality and Passport said that taking services to the people was the greatest contribution of the new office.

“Bringing service closer to the people is one of the great things but the movement we deliver services some criminals also come in, some official befriend foreigners and help them to attain document, do not give out documents to friends, we do not need to give our document cheaply,” said Khor.

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