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Patients in Aweil at risk of death due to shortage of lifesaving blood

Patients at Aweil Civil Hospital are at risk of death after the only blood bank has run out of blood to save them.
Lual Aleu Jok, the health education focal person in Aweil civil hospital said on Tuesday they have run out of blood to save especially infants who need emergency help.
He said they are particularly in need of blood O group that is rare to get in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state.
Aleu said that their hopes are on the nearby Medecines Sans Frontier (MSF) clinic to deliver blood, adding that so far all the people have checked in at the clinic have different blood groups making matters worse.
“We are earnestly in need of blood and one of the kids is currently in complication as she need blood
group O, we are wondering what is likely to happen,” said Aleu.
He wondered how many people will die due to blood shortage because of the high number of accidents.
Aleu is urging the public to donate blood so that more lives could be saved.
Dut Deng Garang, whose child is admitted in Aweil Civil Hospital, said that he is deeply worried for his son’s life due to shortage of blood.
He said his relative recently passed on because there was no blood in the hospital.
Aleu appealed to the state government to encourage people to donate blood in order to save lives that are at risk.

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