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EU provides 17 million euros to support refugees and returnees

The European Union on Monday announced assistance to tune of 17 million euros aimed at
supporting refugees and returnees who fled ongoing fighting in neighboring Sudan.

The money will go to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations
High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), said Timo Olkonnen, the European Union
Ambassador to South Sudan during the signing ceremony of the agreement with the two UN
agencies in Juba.
“The war in Sudan is taking its toll on South Sudan and other neighboring countries alike. This
new funding reaffirms the EU’s willingness to provide tangible support to host countries,” said
“Through this regional program, the EU intends to be forward-looking and ambitious in its
response to the displacement crisis, complementing lifesaving humanitarian intervention with
early-on, longer-term development support,” he added.

The EU regional program to be implemented by UNHCR and IOM will run from December, 2023
to June 2025.
Marie-Helene Verney, UNHCR Country Representative said South Sudan has kept the borders
open for the people fleeing conflict in Sudan, adding that there is need to support displaced
people to rebuild their lives.
“South Sudan has always been a generous host to refugees and is keeping its doors open to
those fleeing the conflict in Sudan. This contribution is a demonstration of solidarity with South
Sudan and the communities that are hosting refugees and returnees,” said Verney.
“Humanitarian action alone is not enough to address the enormous needs, early engagement of
development partners such as EU is welcome and needed to help people rebuild their life and
restore their dignity and self-reliance,” she said.
John McCue, IOM South Sudan Chief of Mission said there is need to support the displaced
population to restart their lives in a more sustainable manner, adding that IOM and partners
call for support to assist people affected by crisis.

South Sudan is hosting more than 400,000 people who fled conflict in Sudan since April 15
According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
said 88 percent of the arrivals are returnees and 12 percent are Sudanese nationals.

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