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Chinese tech company ZTE commits to accelerating digitization of Africa


KIGALI, Oct. 20 (Xinhua) — The Chinese technology company ZTE Corporation has expressed its commitment to spearheading the digitalization of Africa, aiming to accelerate the continent’s transformation in the digital economic landscape. “As ZTE, we are committed to possessing the digital drivers for economic growth, thanks to our advanced technology. ZTE can provide a high-quality, swift, and reliable network in Africa. We are focused on driving digital transformation in Africa,” said Fang Min, the managing director of ZTE Southeast Africa Office, in an interview with Xinhua at the just-concluded Mobile World Congress 2023 in Kigali, the Rwandan capital. He said the company would support the digitalization of Africa by building digital infrastructure and collaborating with local operators, companies, and industries to offer various 5G applications that promote economic digital transformation on the continent. Fang disclosed that ZTE plans to implement eco-friendly technology solutions that will not only accelerate digitalization but also contribute to a greener Africa. “We also prioritize environmental concerns, not only in our network operations but also in providing green, low-carbon energy products. We aspire to contribute to the development of Africa in the realm of digital economic transformation,” Fang said. According to him, ZTE is also collaborating with industry partners to develop applications for 5G networks. “ZTE believes that working with local partners is of paramount importance. We are committed to supporting operators, industry partners, and African countries in their efforts to drive digital economic transformation,” Fang emphasized. In a related development, several technology experts voiced the need for the acceleration of digitalization in Africa to contribute to the continent’s socioeconomic growth. The African market is growing very rapidly, especially in wireless broadband. Digitalization in Africa will contribute to the creation of job opportunities for locals in commercial and technical roles, Jason Shen, a participant from Shanghai Notion Information Technology Co. Ltd., told Xinhua. Max Cuvellier Giacomelli, head of mobile for development at the Global System for Mobile Communications, said there is a need for comprehensive efforts to narrow the digital usage gap in Africa by accelerating the deployment and adoption of 4G and 5G across the continent. “Our focus should include examining methods to reduce handset costs for end-users, encompassing direct cost reduction, potential tax reductions on handsets, and exploring innovative financing options. We should also commit ourselves to addressing the digital skills barrier, which involves educating people about the internet and fostering their comfort in using it,” he said. Enditem

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