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Aweil Center authorities confirm presidential convoy accident

By Hou Akot Hou

Aweil center authorities confirm to Juba Echo on Thursday that there was an accident on the convoy of the president on Thursday on their way back to Aweil.

Aweil Center commissioner Peter Natale told Juba Echo by phone on Thursday morning that the accident occurred on the way as they were returning to Aweil.

Natale said the injuries on the politicians are minor.

“It was dusty when the convoy was moving back. And those who were involved in the accident included Minister of Wildlife Rizik Hassan Zechariah and Nadi Arop, among others” He said.

Natale said the injured have been rushed to Aweil hospital but only having brushes as it was only the vehicles that collided.

“The vehicles collided as you know how the president’s vehicles move. They move in zigzag and as a matter of fact no serious injuries as concocted by others. Some media outlets have rushed into reporting what was not confirmed. This is not good at all. They are ill-wishers against our president and the politicians our country. Such peole will be taught a lesson “ He cautioned.

Some of the residents in Aweil say as the convoy was returning late in the evening, the news put them at dilemma as they could not get exactly what happened as the Aweil Center is quite far from Aweil Town.

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