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Lado Lukak, the Acting chairperson for National Chamber of commerce

South Sudan Demand Goods Directly From Port Mombasa To Cut Cost.  

The National Chamber of commerce of South Sudan have requested their government to engage Kenyan administration to allow goods destined for Juba to come directly from Mombasa without going through Nairobi as it is  prevailing hitherto.

The Acting chairperson for South Sudan’s National Chamber of commerce, Mr.Lado Lukak told journalists on Monday that the process in which goods meant for South Sudan first have to go up to Nairobi yet it could come directly to Juba through port Mombasa as it was the case before—is lifting transport cost which eventually affects the prices of the goods on arrival to the final destination.

The chamber of commerce claims that transport between Mombasa and Nairobi is 1400 USD using railway, 6000 USD by road and the container takes away 1500 USD plus 200 USD in parking fee equating to over 9000 Us dollars.

“We are requesting our government to negotiate with Kenya on the issue of goods destined for South Sudan going to Nairobi instead of moving directly from Mombasa to Juba, we want direct transit between Mombasa ports to Juba,” he appealed.

Mr. Lukak also veiled the chamber of commerce from blame of being responsible for the up going market prices in South Sudan by shifting the blame on the cost of transport which traders add on the goods to circumvent business losses.

“The situation in the market is not good, the prices have all gone up and citizens are overweighed by the exorbitant market prices. The route from Mombasa to Nairobi then from Nairobi to Nimule and 70 USD charged as entry fee by traffic police,” added Mr.Lukak.

The chairperson of South Sudan business community in Mombasa Mr.Emmanuel Kachoul, said, the cost of doing business has been made very high by going through Nairobi than using a direct route from Mombasa to Juba.

“We are facing challenges, if you calculate the transfer of 40 feet container by railway then again the lorry that takes goods to Juba instead of goods moving directly from Mombasa to Juba, it makes a very huge  difference in the prices,” said Kachuol

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