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Immigration boss orders end of silent search for foreigners

The Director General for the Department for Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport and Immigration Lt. Gen Atem Marol Biar on Monday called for ending of the search for foreigners staying illegally in South Sudan.

“The silent search is not on, the head of stations will go back to identify people who are doing that, if there are people who are doing silent search on their own or if there is any person whether from their forces or from other organized forces they have to be captured,” Biar told journalists in Juba.

The silent search started last year particularly targeting Ugandan and Eritrean nationals, despite Uganda and South Sudan waiving visas for their respective nationals.

“We have to work according to the orders there is no silent search, we have to look only after people who have criminal background,” Biar said.

Biar said that foreigners with expired visa should not be subjected to police harassment but they should voluntarily turn to nearby immigration office for renewal.

“We do not have to harass people, let us be very peaceful, well-organized and intelligent. Let us protect our nation, we are here to deliver service to people without borders” he added.

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