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Eastern Equatoria governor condemns killings in Mugali and Nimule 

The Governor of Eastern Equatoria State Louis Lobong Lojore on Tuesday condemned the recent killings of civilians in Mugali and Nimule town which led to tension and public protests.

Lobong revealed that the killings that occurred on 10th July that left two young men killed by suspected cattle keepers in Mugali area sparked anger in the public.

In addition, an armed person on 11th July forcefully entered the home of John Ebele Alex, the Anzara chief where preparation for the funeral of the two men salin in Mugali was taking place and shok and killed Ebele.

Six other civilians including Maj. Gen. David Kasimiro, the Inspector of Police in Nimule were injured in the shooting.

“When the relatives of the slain people were preparing to go and bury their dead, a gunman stormed the funeral home and shot dead the area chief. This killing sparked public outcry, demonstration and heightened tension in Nimule town. We have immediately deployed security forces in Nimule to arrest the situation,” Lobong said in a statement seen by this newspaper.

 He called on the people of Eastern Equatoria State to exercise maximum restraint and to continuously look forward to building a peaceful, united South Sudan free from conflicts and tribal animosity.

“The government is doing all it can to bring the culprits to book, we call on the people of Madi to remain in their areas and those in the refugee camps should come back and rebuild their lives in the country. There are people who have ill intention for your land,” Lobong said.

He said that the government and people of Eastern Equatoria will never accept persistent provocations imposed on them by peace spoilers.

“We know that these provocations are aimed at diverting our goal-oriented attention of transforming our state into becoming a peace hub and investment destination in the Republic of South Sudan. We will remain committed to walking the path of peace and nation building,” he added.

Lobong called on the national government to urgently intervene in order to prevent daily loss of lives in Nimule.

Adding that insecurity is disrupting movement of people and goods into the country.

 The Governor also called for repatriation of Dinka Bor cattle from Nimule whom he blames for the rampant insecurity in the border town.

“And for those who wish to stay in Nimule and other parts of Eastern Equatoria are allowed to remain on condition that they become law abiding citizens of Eastern Equatoria State,” he said.

“On 20th June 2022, and again on 6th July 2022, a combined force from the Tennet, Buya and Murle communities’ carried out deadly attacks on the people of Kapoeta North County. These two-time coordinated reckless attacks carried out in just a span of two weeks led to the loss of several innocent lives on both sides and 15,000 Toposa cattle were raid,” Lobong disclosed.

He added that five children were abducted, while 71 people including 4 Buya were wounded in the attack.

“I send my condolences to both families of the people who perished in these senseless attacks. The government of Eastern Equatoria State is in the process of evacuating the wounded and hand them over to Greater Pibor Administrative Area on humanitarian grounds,” Lobong said.

He further urged the people of Murle, Tennet and Buya to desist from engaging in violence and child abduction in Eastern Equatoria State.

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