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Police inspector injured in violence in Nimule-Governor Lobong is expected in the town

One person is shot dead and a police Inspector has been shot in the leg as violence erupts in Nimule

Violence erupted on Monday morning in Nimule in a fund raising meeting to arrange for burial of two people who were killed by unknown gunmen over the weekend in Mugali.

Speaking to Juba Echo, the paramount chief of Nimule payam, William Alira confirmed the killing of the boma chief. The paramount chief explains that the chief was shot during the contribution event for the burial of the two people killed in Mugali payam on Saturday, 9thJuly 2022.

“Yeah, in fact what you have heard is true, at 9 am local time, the community gathered at the office to do contribution for the burial of the two of their dear ones they have lost. So when they were doing the contribution, I don’t know form nowhere the culprit, if he has his own problem with the chief I don’t know. Just among the people, he only targeted the chief, and this happened early in the morning.” Said Alira.

Aliras said over the weekend two people were killed and their bodies found in Mugali, as the bodies were brought to Nimule, the people in Mugali discovered that one other person is missing

A meeting was then convened in Nimule attended majorly by Mugali residents to fundraise for the burial of the deceased, but a man whom the attendees of the meeting could not identify began taking pictures of those in the meeting.

When the man was asked to identify himself and why he was taking picture, he left only to return with a group of armed men, began shooting randomly, killing the Chief of Mugali Ebele Alex John, the chief of Anzara payam.

Chief Alira further said that some of the residents of the border town vacated the area for the fear of the tensions escalating. 

“Some have crossed the border and some are still at the near the dead body because the dead bodies shot from Mugali they brought them all at the police station here and the one of this morning is still lying at the road”.

In the same incident of Today, the chief added that Police inspector of Nimule, major David Kasmiro Was Shot On The Leg at 3pm.

A Member of Parliament at the Reconstituted Transitional Assembly of the state who hails from the area, Mary Juwa conveyed her condolences and condemned the killing of the local chief.

Mary says “The person who did the barbaric act, God will follow him to his last point. Why do you kill somebody just in cold blood? what has he done? The land of our ancestors, the land of elders, the soil of Madi land will follow that person up to his end, up to his root. It is so painful, much painful. 

She urged the government to ensure the perpetrators are brought to book.

“The government must pen their eyes and follow the perpetrators up to the last point, I wish that person also is killed”.

The MP however voiced the need to ensure criminals are kept in the police custody to later face justice.

 “There is no justice there because those who killed the two policemen were taken to Amiya from Amiya, that person is brought to Juba maybe he is released or what nobody knows. Even this one again, this group that were taken to the police and the army came and took them away.” She added

“This is a criminal case and should be handled by the police, why should it be handled by the army? Any criminal is to be handled by the police. Added the MP 

The governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Louis Lobong is currently on his way to Nimule according to residents in the town who say the advance team of the governor has already arrived in Nimule.

After the shooting incident, angry Nimule residents carried the bodies of the deceased and placed them on the road and began burning tyres blocking the road to Juba.

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